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TROPE is an alternative rock band located in Los Angeles, CA. The band formed in 2016 when guitarist/producer Dave Thompson showed vocalist Diana Studenberg the embryo of what came to be their first song, Lambs. The band spent the next 2 years writing and recording while searching for bandmates who could keep up with the constant time signature changes and feels in the music.


After filming a short teaser video of Lambs, they garnered the attention of the music industry including Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) who agreed to engineer the album, and David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel), who agreed to creatively consult and mix the album.


Pre-production on the debut Trope record, titled ‘Eleutheromania’ which means a manic zeal for freedom, began in April 2017, and was tracked at both Armoury Studios and Hipposonic in Vancouver, B.C. The band is Diana on vocals, Dave on guitar, Todd Demma on bass and Fernando Jaramillo on drums.


Trope signed a world wide deal with Golden Robot Records in March 2019.


Trope’s music has been likened to A Perfect Circle and Tool with female vocals, their sound falling into the Art and Alternative  Rock genre. Their ‘music first’ focus pairs with the groups sound, which is quite progressive.


Trope is currently playing shows locally and internationally,.